Music has always been huge in my life. From an early age through today and for sure until mylast breath I wear my faith on my sleeve and my relationship with Jesus Christ spurs me to write music we can all worship God through.

"Who I Am" Coming Tuesday July 29 

On July 29 the next song release called "Who I Am" will be available for a free download HERE. It will be free for 3 days, July 29- 31. After that it will cost the customary $.99 to get. This song is about how this world tries to get us to believe lies about who we are, who we are important to. But we can ask God to remind us who we are in Him, that we are cherished and loved and that His finger prints are all over us, we are even worth the sacrifice of Jesus His Son. I hope this song will bring you to a place that you see yourself through God's eyes...

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