Kevin Bordine

Who am I

"You turn the broken into beautiful, stained into cleansed" from the song "Heart Cries Out" from the album "Broken Into Beautiful"

My life has had a soundtrack to it all along. Sometimes it was songs that other people wrote and other times it was something I wrote. My mind has always had this jukebox feature where if a certain thing was said or memory brought up, a song would play in my head.. I've been blessed to have been bestowed the talent or ability to not just listen to a song as a whole, but the individual parts and understand how they fit together and why they did. And God has used that ability in so many awesome ways over my lifetime. Music is like breathing to me, I don't have to even think about it, it just happens, just flows. And so every chance I get I make music. Hoping that music will bring a smile to someones face or change their perspective on life. My original songs presented here are moved by how God has moved in my life, and what pours out is in response to the heaps of blessings I have received. I am hopeful that you will relate to what you hear in this music and that you will respond to Him in your own way...  

From the album "Identity" copyright 2013 Guitarhead Music