Music has always been huge in Kevin’s life. From an early age through today and for sure until his last breath he wears his faith on his sleeve and his relationship with Jesus Christ spurs him to write music we can all worship God through. Kevin was born August 19, 1965, and soon after his birth was adopted by Harold and Delores Bordine. They settled down along with Kevin’s sister Sherie just outside of Tecumseh, Michigan. Starting at age 5 he began taking guitar lessons from a local music store. But by age 6 his teacher was going away to college, so he stopped taking the lessons and began to be interested in drums. So his parents bought him a set of drums and he continued to play them through high school, though all along never losing his love of guitar. During this period he pretty much self taught himself guitar, learning songs he heard on the radio. He was in his first band though in junior high, playing drums with them and it was then he also began writing original songs. By high school graduation though he had a falling out with the guitar player in this band, and left. That was the last band he played drums for.

After graduation he turned his full attention on guitar. Around this time he bought his first multi-track recorder so he could arrange the songs he was writing and listen to them. He was in and out of rock bands, playing the likes of AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Bad Company, pretty much anything on rock radio at the time.At the same time, he was attending the church his mother had taken him to since he was a baby, Immanuel Lutheran in Palmyra, Michigan.The church decided to hold a youth event and invite area churches’ youth to attend. Kevin spearheaded the musical portion of the evening, choosing songs by Petra, Michael W. Smith and DC Talk to perform. He rounded up the musicians and rehearsed them for this event. After seeing the reaction the youth had, he felt something for the first time…purpose. He also realized that God had been pursuing him for a long time and even though he went to church, he never gave his life to Him. So he committed his life to Jesus, developing a relationship instead of just following rules. He’s been writing Christian songs ever since.

In 2000 Immanuel went through some changes; Kevin was among a group of people interested in starting a contemporary style worship service to be held there every week. So he took time to be a part of this movement there. Along the way he also was a part of a Saturday evening worship service at Trenton Hills church in Adrian, Michigan which exposed him to a more current style of Praise and Worship music. Artists like Paul Baloche, SONICFLOOd, and other worship artists of the day caught his attention and he began to write more music. This service eventually was shut down, so he went back to strictly being part of the worship team at Immanuel. But the match had been struck, and it wasn’t long before he longed for more of what he had experienced at Trenton Hills and had seen by groups like the Newsboys and Third Day as well as worship leaders like Lincoln Brewster and Chris Tomlin. Kevin’s brother in law mentioned that he was attending Crossroads Community Church and that Kevin would like it, so he checked it out. So he attended with his family for a few months and then was approached by the Worship Arts Team leader to fill in on guitar for a week, as she knew Kevin from being on the team at the Trenton Hills services. That week on stage felt like home; it felt like everything in his musical life had led him to this opportunity to use his God given talents to praise the One from whom they came.

Of course he had been writing all along, and in 2009 the idea for the Worship Arts team to produce a CD by all the musicians and singers was brought up. They asked for submissions either originals or covers that you enjoyed singing. Kevin turned in demo versions of “Let My Life Be Praise” and “The Lord Is Good”. Kevin was floored when the first song selected to work on was “Let My Life Be Praise”. Working with Pete Bishop on this song, they began discussions about other original songs he had written. So in 2010 Kevin copyrighted about 17 original songs and gave a copy of the CD to Pete to listen to.Besides the two submitted for the church project, Pete and Kevin picked out three others among this group to seriously record for a solo CD. Kevin realized he didn’t want to do this for fame or attention or certainly not to gain wealth, but to share these songs with whoever would hear them and let God’s will be done with them, which is all he’s ever wanted. Kevin is excited about what the future holds not for his personal gain but for equipping Christians with songs they can sing and worship to. Matthew 11:15 says ” Whoever has ears, let him hear” (NIV). The EP title “Let Them Hear” from the song of the same name is an invitation to all to see that He alone is worthy of the highest honor we as human beings can give.

January 2013 saw Kevin make a decision not to wait until he had a full CD of new tunes to release; he took it upon himself to release one new original song a month for the whole year. That led to a baker's dozen of songs, 13 total for the year he then released as a full length CD called "Identity", and Kevin assumed most of the producer and engineering duties on this project.  The song "I Will Sing" joined "Let My Life Be Praise" from "Let Them Hear" as radio singles, played on local radio station WLEN in Adrian, Michigan. Motivated by the way 2013 went, Kevin continued on through 2014 with writing and recording in his basement studio, releasing a new song from March through December, totaling 10 songs, which he gave the title of "Broken Into Beautiful". The CD title comes from the song "Heart Cries Out", talking about how God turns the "broken into beautiful, stained into cleansed". One of those songs, "Home Sweet Home" was written for a country music competition that Rio Doyle and himself entered. They won the local contest with two cover songs, then went to Traverse City, Michigan for the state level contest, where another gentleman won. but the original song was well received and got some airplay on Q95 Country in Adrian, Michigan. He has no plans on slowing down in 2015, looking forward to see how God moves himself and others through the music he creates...

Kevin has been married to his best friend and love of his life Shirley for 26 years. They have two sons Kristopher 29 and Kyle24.