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  1. Who I Am

From the recording Broken Into Beautiful

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Who I Am
(Kevin Bordine)
(Copyright 2014 Guitarhead Music)

When the world pulls the wool over my eyes
When it wraps Your truth in a disguise
Help me to see me through Your eyes, Your eyes…

Father remind me who I am, take me to where I know again
That I am cherished and been loved ever since time began
Show me that I am called to be a child of Yours who's been set free
Father remind me who I am

When the storms of this life cloud my point of view
Things I'm holding onto keep me from reaching out to You
Help me remember I'm worth Your rescue, Your rescue (Chorus)

That You call me child, You say this one's Mine
Your fingerprints are all over me
And I am worth the effort You have made, You have made