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  1. Trust In Jesus

From the recording Broken Into Beautiful

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My good friend Pete Bishop played the organ part on this track and KILLED it! Thanks to Pete for bringing this track to life!


Trust In Jesus (Kevin Bordine)
(Copyright 2014 Guitarhead Music)

Lookin' for the answers to life's questions
Tryin' to solve the riddles on your own
And if you don't know the One to turn to
Who won't let you go thru this all alone
On your own there's really no way
To get down to the truth
It's gonna be…

Like trying' to find a teardrop in the ocean…
It'd be like
Searchin' for a certain grain of sand
In the Mojave
Like looking' for a certain snowflake in an avalanche (you see)
But if you trust in Jesus,
He will lead the way

Searchin' for some peace and comfort
But you're looking' in the wrong place
And you don't know Who you can run to
One Who will free you from your
Past mistakes
On your own there's early no way
To get loose, and be set free
It's gonna be…

All it really takes is just one call
And he will be there thru it all
You can avoid the wild goose chase you're on
He will never leave you, have no doubt
He can show ya what livin's all about
Pointing you in the right direction

(Chorus with "It doesn't have to be…")