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  1. Hello My Friend

From the recording Soul Echo

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Hello My Friend
(Kevin Bordine)
(Copyright 2015 Guitarhead Music)

You separated the dark from the light
Gave us the warm day and the cool of the night
You shed Your crown and You make all things new
I live surrounded by mercy and mild
All I need is faith like a child
Because all o Your promises come true

You pursued me long before I knew You were right here by my side
You knew me long before I was just a twinkle in my parent's eyes
Now You've called me to a life with You that never has to end
Now that I've said- hello my Friend

Once You start You're faithful to complete
The good work You began in me
You draw me closer with every breath I take (You take)
My surrender and You flip it around
In my weakness Your strength is found
You're the force behind every move I make (Chorus)

And I am welcomed with open arms
Arms that keep me safe and warm
When I turn to You with all my heart…(Chorus)