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  1. Already Waiting

From the recording Soul Echo

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This song is bare bones instrumentally, and the lyrics are based on Psalm 139 (The Message)...


Already Waiting
(Kevin Bordine)
(Copyright 2015 Guitarhead Music)

You know when I leave and when I'm returning
I'm an open book to You
You know what I'm gonna say before I start talking
I'm and open book to You (Chorus)

If I ride the wings of the morning
If I dwell by the farthest oceans
Even there Your hand will guide me
Your strength it will support me
If I climb to the sky You see me
If I go underground You're there
You'd find me in a minute, You are already waiting…
You are already waiting

I look up ahead or back behind me
Your presence reassuring
Even from a distance You know what I am thinking
Your presence reassuring (Chorus)

You even see me in the dark, at night I'm immersed in Your light
In fact darkness isn't dark to You
Darkness and light, they're all the same to You