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  1. One Fine Day

From the recording Soul Echo

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One Fine Day
(Kevin Bordine)
(Copyright 2015 Guitarhead Music)

I said goodbye to you today
Though it's been years since we were in the same place
Time can be unkind when it separates
Leaves room for excuses that can only lead to pain, I swear I know

I said goodbye though just for now
We'll meet again when my time has finally wound down
But until then I'm holding on
To the impact that you made in those days now gone

There are no more words to be read
No more statements to be said
We'll just save them all for that one fine day
When reunited we will be
And in each other's company
Goodbyes we'll never need on that one fine day

Had to say goodbye way too soon
Hard to believe that it would come this month of June
It seems I only blinked my eyes
And then the moment came for you to fly… (Chorus)

Too soon, too soon (So early…)
But not for good…(We'll see you again…)