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  1. Made New

From the recording Soul Echo

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Made New
( Kevin Bordine)
(Copyright 2015 Guitarhead Music)

There were times I turned my head away
Made it easier to do things my own way
Kept my attention on things of this life
The disappointments always cut me like a knife
But then You reached out
and You pulled me close
Now I claim that it's in You I boast

You took my hardened heart and once You did Your part
I had a new spirit within me
You softened what was tough and showed me You're enough
Now I know that You'll never leave me, and that I'm made new

There were moments where choices took me far
From the narrow way and the foundation that You are
Each decision took me farther than the last
I couldn't find my way around the wreckage of my past
But then You reached out
and You drew me near
Now I know that with You my path is clear (Chorus)

You made my heart tender at the moment of surrender
Now I am Yours, and you are my God
With Your help I'll obey and seek You every day
Cause I am Yours and You are my God (Chorus)