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  1. Fill Me Up

From the recording Soul Echo

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Featuring the Marvelous Clappettes (Kris Bordine, Kyle Bordine, Logan Witte)


Fill Me Up
(Kevin Bordine)
(Copyright 2015 Guitarhead Music)

I give to you my life, I turn it over to You
And through You I know my loss is still my gain
And with every passing breath draw me closer to You
That I may know I’ve been cleansed by Your scarlet stain

Fill me up so full of You, O Lord
There isn’t any room for sin no more
Breath in me and let Your Spirit flow
May I find my rest in the You I know

I give to You my heart, may You make it Your own
That through me all may know Your love for all remains
And with every passing day pul me deeper even now
Bestow upon me peace that from Heaven rains (Chorus)

So let me voice be heard by You
Invade me everything… (Chorus)